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late selected the intestinal surface as the field for his investiga- tions, and through it b}' introducing tuberculous matter into the circulatory current he has produced, at will, general tuber- cle. The Union Medicale reports that he lately purchased four handsome heifers, and he tuberculized three of them by causing them to swallow 30 grammes each of tuberculous matter taken from the Cost Of Toprol Xl body of an old phthisical cow. Tlie rapidity of the result was extraordinary. At the end of twenty days the first heifer had lost flesh to a sm-prising extent, its pulse was quick and full, and it coughed incessantly. At the end of fifty-two days it was killed, and it presented perfectly- marked tuberculous lesions situated especially about the mes- entery and intestine. The mesenteric glands presented infil- tration in so high a degree that many were of the size of the first. Toprol Generic Equivalent Their total mass weighed 1,650 grammes. All the ganglia of the bronciii and mediastinum M'ere enlarged, and the lung was full of crude tubercle. The other two heifers presented not less perfectly-marked alterations ; while the iburth, to whom none of the tuberculous matter had been ad- ministered, remained intact and increased in flesh. 200 MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. It is proved, therefore, tliat animals of the bovine species contract tuberculosis by digestive ingestion, just as they take carbuncle and covv-])ock, as Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl sheep take the rot, as the horse takes glanders, and as man takes small-pox. The human digestive tube constitutes an easy channel for tuberculous con- tagion. If bovine phthisis be identical with tuberculosis in the human species, there is, in the use of the flesh of tubercu- lous animals, a danger to which- the poor are more especially exposed. — Medical Press and Circular. " Yentilate your Sewers ! do not trap ! Generic Name For Toprol " — These words form the close of a very valuable address on the influence of sewer-vapor on health, delivered by Dr. Carpenter, of Croy- don, before the Social Science Association, and we think the substance of it deserves the widest circulation. It is within the memory of this generation that typhoid fever has been distinguished from other fevers, and has been traced to sewage. The earliest eflbrts of sanitarians were directed to tlie abolition of those collections of impurity in cesspools which formerly poisoned the earth, air, and water for our forefathers ; and with the introduction of water-closets and of tubular drainage it was hoped that typhoicl fever, at least, might be exterminated, ll^evertheless, it did recur again and again, as at Croydon ; because, says Dr. Carpenter : In the early sanitary works which were carrietl out under the super- vision and with the approval of the General Board of Health, and under the authority of the Public Health Act of 1848, the consequences of sewer- gas not being foreseen were not guarded Toprol Xl Generic Name against ; no provisions were made to prevent its ascent into the house, or for exit into the open air before it could reacli the inside of the dwelling. The rapid spread of luxurious habits among the people, the introduction of low fireplaces and register stoves, and the methods adopted to exclude drauglits by liaving exceed- ingly close-fitting windows and doors, prevented the easy exit, and its baneful influence became manifest, often without the real cause being at that time at all suspected. It often Jiitppens that the easiest way for air to enter the house is by the sewer. Then, with this state of things, " fever would recur ; fever always the same in type, ' the enteric or typhoid ' form, with rose-colored spots, often with abdominal complications, and always in those houses nearest to the top of the sewer (perhaps I should say generally), and farthest from the outfall." Nor Toprol Xl Generic Recall is fever the only consequence of the entry of sewer-gas into Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker dwelling-houses. , " Many other disorders of the system," says Dr. Carpenter, " have been directly traced to its influence — thus diarrhoea ; dyspepsia in all its forms; palpitation Is Toprol A Beta Blocker of the heart ; various forms of asthma (indeed, it may help to explain some of the vagaries of this curious disease) ; convulsions, especially in teething infants ; headaches, both persistent and' MISCELLANEOUS AND SCIENTIFIC NOTES. 201' intermittent. Tlie evik which sometimes attend or follow npon the puerperal state, as milk-fever, abscesses in the breast, and ])hle«2;masia dolens or white-le;, are frequently caused by it. I believe that these latter cases have been Toprol Xl Beta Blocker so associated, from observing their frecpient occurrence in new Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate houses before Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol the plan now adopted Generic For Toprol Xl in our district was carried out." In houses pervaded by sewer-gas, invalids cannot recover their health, and delicate women are liable to faint away with- out assignable cause ; not that " stink " is always com])lained of. A good, honest, unabashed " solid " stink, as Dr. Carpenter calls it — one that assails the nose without ceremony — is a fair, open enemy. lie gives 3'ou warning, and you open your windows and let him out as you would a hornet. On the contrary, it is the " insidious almost imperceptible miasma" that is danger- ous ; and it is deserving of notice that many miasms do not stink per se^ but only when, beginning to be ozonized and de- composed, they give rise to that which offends the nostrils. Dr. Carpenter illustrates this by reference to some emanations from a factory, which are often more offensive half a mile off than at the place of issue. How, then, Toprol Xl Coupon is, this enemy so subtle and deadly to be dealt with ? Most sanitarians have but one reply — put efficient traps and shut out the gas. Dr. Carpenter argues that this is useless by itself. The sewer-gases must obey the laws of Nature, and will find an exit at the highest point, and, unless one be pro- vided for them, will enter houses by sinks, gully-holes, and closets. In the autumn of 1867, nearly 40 per cent, Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall of the 160 children of the "Warehousemen and Clerks' Schools Generic Name For Toprol Xl on Russell Hill, and this spring about 30 per cent, of the inmates of the Female Orphan Asylum at Beddington, suffered Toprol Xl Vs Generic from typhoid fever through the reflux of sewer-gas by the traps. Trapping alone, then, Dr. Carpenter concludes, is delusive ; for not only may the trap become dry, but the water Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl that seals it absorbs gas from the sewer, and gives it off into the house, and, if there be any pressure, the trap is Toprol Xl 100 Mg forced, Neither is it of any use to say that sewers ought to be self-cleansing, that they ought to form no deposit and give off no gas. What ought to be, and what actually is in this wicked world, are two very different things. Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent The real plan is to ventilate every sewer abundantly ; to have a rapid and constant circulation of air through it ; so that the sewer-gas may be diluted and decomposed as soon as formed. In order to effect this, in the first place every house-drain ought to be ventilated by carrying u[) the soil-pipe to the highest available point, so that it be far enough removed from windows and chimneys. Other ventilating shafts, straight and perpen- dicular, ought to be put to every pipe requiring a trap, so as

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