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examples of erythema iris and nodosum; plate wviii, which depi.t- marked .sample- of psoriasis diffusa, psoriasis acuta palm i plantaris; plate j wviii. which illustrates lichen acuminata-, the pitwia-i in BOO E NOTICES. [N. Y. Med. Joub., l,ra pilaris of French writer?, a rare affection in England, as the author states: plate lvii. which finpecia online portrays two example- of mollnscum finpecia price contagiosum and also the distribution on the an- terior and post - of the body of an extensive capil- lary vascular na-vus that was somewhat improved by the use galvano-cautery ; plate lxvi. which represents two i lupus erythematosus in which the elementary lesions imitated ordinary forms of dermatitis; and plate xciii, which illustrat tinea cruris and one of larva migrans. The fourteenth fasciculus contains plate i. buy finpecia uk which repre- ■ytliema papulatum and erythema iris; [date xi. finpecia fda which depicts eczema papulo-squamosuro : plate \ii. which illustrates impetigo contagiosa, pompholyx, and pemphigus of the soft finpecia uk palate; plate xlix. which portrays a patient affected with . rma circumscriptum at two different age periods; plate lxii. which shows examples of tuberculosis cutis, or scrofulous lupus : and plate xci. which represents favu- of the head and of the neck, and of tin. The fifteenth fasciculus includes plate x. which represents different forms of dry. scaly eczema, including examples of eczema seborrhoicum. eczema finpecia online pharmacy verrucosum, and eczema ~'|U:i- mosum; plate xxii. which portrays instances of hydroa her- petiforme finpecia canada and eestivale and of erythema ab igne ; plate Ixiii, which illustrate- different varieties of ulcerating lupus; plate lxvii. which shows a case of lupus erythematosus of the hands, and contrasted with it the hand- of a person affected with a rare form of the disease, first described by the author, finpecia buy in which the patches have a marked resemblance to those of lichen planus: plate lxxix. which is a beautiful illustration of that rare disease, chromidrosis, in which the Mack pigmenta- tion diminished after purgation finpecia cost and also after the catameiiial period; and plate lxxxv, which shows a case of acne rosacea, also an example of rhinophyma following that disease. The letterpress accompanying the illustrations gives not only a resume of the setiology and pathology of the disease, hut the history of the case and the method- of treatment fol- lowed. All that ha- finpecia 1mg hceii -aid heretofore in commendation of the excellence of this work is finpecia 1 mg sustained by the present fasciculi, and the completed work must prove invaluable to the dermatologist. BOOKS, ETC., RECEIVED. The Fundus Ocnli. With an Ophthalmoscopic Atlas illus- o gical and Pathological Conditions. ByW. Frost, F. K. 0. S., Surgeon Ro al Westminster Ophthalmic Hospital, etc. Edinburgh and London: Young J.Pentland. New York: Macmillan & purchase finpecia Co., 1896. I'p. xviii- A Text-hook of Bacteriology. By George M. Sternberg, M. P., LL. D., Surgeon General United states Army. Honor- ary Mem!"] of finpecia hair loss the Epidemiologii Illustrated by Heliol aphic Plates and Two Qnndn 1 Engravings. New York : \\ ! &i 693 The 1 ■ of the Kcci urn. mi Fistula, Pil and Pain- ful Ulcer, Pn i Cancer, etc. !'■/. William Allingham, F. R. C. S. Eng., Ex-member of the Coun- cil of ' of England, i n < W. Allingh - Eng., Surgeon to sixth Edition. New York: William i, cheap finpecia of Ethics ol the icial ion, its < lonstitution and By laws. ican Institute of B National El li Otic Medical Society. Detroit: The Illustrated Medical Journal Co., 1896. Pp. 55. [Price, 50 cents.] Physics buy finpecia online for Students of Medicine. By Alfred Daniel], M. A., I.I.. i:.. D. Sc, F.R.S.E., Examiner in Physics to the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, etc. London and New York: Macmillau & Co., 1896. Pp. xv-469. [Price, $1.25.] The Eighteenth Annual Report of the State Hoard of Health of the State finpecia india of Connecticut, with the Registration Report for 1894 relating to Birth-. Marriages, Deaths, and Divorces. The Annual Reports of the Managers and Officers of the State Hospitals of New where to buy finpecia Jersey for the Year ending Ootober 31. 1895. On the Relationship between Inflammation and Sundry Form- of Fibrosis. By J. George Adami. M. A., M. D.. of Montreal. [Being the Middleton-Goldsmith Lectures for the Year 1896, delivered before the Pathological Society of New York, and reprinted from the Medical Record.] Once More on Antitoxine. By Carl Strueh, order finpecia M. D, of Chi- cago. [Reprinted from the Journal of tlu American Medical Association.] Congenital Teeth, finpecia cipla with Three Illustrative Cases. By J. W. Ballantyne, M. D., F. R. 0. P. E., F. R. S. E.. Edinburgh. [Re-

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