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and for cases of operation forty per cent.; but during this same period there were eighty-seven patients with croup that were not injected ; the benicar canada mortality in these for all cases w-as twenty-rive per cent., and for eases of operation, thirty- eight per cent. — therefore, lower than benicar savings card in those not treated with serum. Severe diphtheria complicated with croup did very badly benicar alternatives with this treatment. All generic name for benicar such patients died, and the good result in milder cases is explained by the good type of the present epidemic. Report of (hi Medical Superintendents of the Metropolitan Asylums Board (London), is:).',. — This report embraces 2.1*2 benicar discount card cases of buy cheap benicar diphtheria benicar hct cost treated with antitoxine. with til") deaths — mortality, 28"1 per cent. The medical superintendents compare this report with that of 1894, when buy generic benicar :i.n42 cases benicar generic name of diphtheria wire treated in all benicar uk benicar generic alternative the hospitals of benicar generic equivalent the board without antitoxine, with 902 deaths — benicar htc mortality. 29'6 per cent.; but we rind in the Northwestern and Southwestern Fever Hospitals of London the following results to compare with the antitoxine statistic-: -. W. HOSPITAL. x. w. Hospn \i *! BAR. n. atha cost of benicar hct Per . i ■ order benicar online Deaths P 1892 K 58S 93 ;g 156 22-6 27-1 28-6 682 1,249 1.1 17 138 382 809 21-8 316 408 94 25 "6 2V7 3,078 363 779 117 25-3 82-2 In benicar hcl the Southwestern and Norths estern Hospitals: i .-. benicar hct prices b. Di nths. Per rent. l892-'98-'94 1,672 1,187 in benicar hct tablets all the hospitals: Deaths. Per cent, intitoxine) 2,182 616 28 I There were benicar equivalent 225 tracheotomy cases in all the hospital- of e Metropolitan Asylums Board in 1895, treated with ami- June 20, 1596.]

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