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incredible number of bacteria and fungi which, or - e of them, assist in th.' process of food disintegration, preparatory illation, and under normal circumstances thc\ hold each other in cheek. It is easily conceivable that under al- tered circumstances, either m the direction of a Artane Online change in the composition of th, feeci - or an altered environment such as would Artane 2 Mg be affoi condition of chronic catarrh, the pofl er ma;, be disturbed, I microbes taking a back scat while the more virulent species, temporarily at any rate, gain the upper hi add to this an unduly p etention of the abnormal the intestines, we have all that is required to provide, and permit of the absorption of. soluble toxic products Buy Artane Online cap laboratory experiments have repeatedly shown, of exerting marked pathogenic effects on the nervous system. Under ordinary circumstances, in the healthy animal organism, the oJ Artane Price a chemical filter, eliminating from Purchase Artane the blood all such toxic products which are thus preventei entering the general circulation. When the Buy Artane liver function, for any reason, is imperfectly performed, these products are permitti d to work thi the delicate tiss stem. In per- the intestine-, it is surprising Artane 1 Mg what an amount of disi and inconvenience is entailed by even a moderate delay in I rite, and it can not excite Surprise that the systematic neglect of the intestinal function should give rise to more permanent ami more serious Order Trihexyphenidyl Online manifestations. Ac- Hamilton's observations, it seems that a fair indication of the condition of the intestinal canal en tained from a he urine, lie con- fessed that he bad been unable I o di-eo\ , standard i arine which could Purchase Artane Online be held to be char- or of am particular form of in Purchase Trihexyphenidyl Online hut he pointed out that intestinal putresi indioan, and when indican i- present there i- also a i'. ration in tin- ratio of preformed sulphates. These indications, he stated, are Order Trihexyphenidyl generally foun ianities> especially those characterized by rapidlj devi tom-. Changing illusions, it ii insomnia, | and rapid . th I ■u. n t try origin, and thi- condition is al-o re- febrile, traumatic, 814 MISCELLANY. [X. Y. Med. Joob., 3. It is worth while recalling, while dealing with same effects have been attributed by vari- rvers to the presence of aric acid in the Artane Tablets blood, and as ss of uric acid in the production of cer- tain forms of mental disturbance is generally conceded, it is a difficult and a delicate task to distinguish Purchase Trihexyphenidyl which is primary and which secondary. The worst ot ' ; ; rs of uric that they ride their hobby to death or as near death rise will allow of. To listen Order Artane to them, when they ■ impart their views, uric acid is tl Buy Cheap Artane 3, apart from the specific : which human flesh is heir. If the treatment based on the .vn to be successful in a certain assured that it is because this very treat- ment has incidentally for effect to favor the elimination of the surplus acid, and so on. Another class of critic- object that the intestinal irregularity is the result, and not the cause, entral nervot if treatment directed estinal focus proves successful, it is not understand their pn soning. Under these circumstances it is Buy Trihexyphenidyl well to go on broad general principles. We may take it as proved that a certain proportion of cases iousbj due t" cerebral degeneration or other toxic influences may be immensely improved and even - having in view Generic Artane the antisepsis of the in- tract. The washing out of the large bowel and the administration of antiseptics, such as naphthaline or salicylate of -odium, certainly seem to be attended by marked and favor- able effects in these cases, and tlii- Order Artane Online is enough for the practi- tioner who in, : isure in enter upon the judicial consideration of questions of setiologj and proximal thera- • -hows that, contrary to the dictum of Shakespearean skeptics, medicine can. under certain circumstances, -minister Buy Trihexyphenidyl Online to a mind diseased.' It may the anxiety of the Government at a time when the in- of insanity is exciting dismay to be told that one of -■ fertile causes is chronic constipation or intestinal catarrh. In a in case the thoughtful and suggestive paper

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